Either you are an Owner of a Property or a Real Estate Agent dealing with properties, our platform will help you to manage your requirement.
The use of this software & all the posts and advertising is free, if installed and used during the promotional period. For any questions contact us at
  • Chat privately with tenants/owners and the management
  • Book a facility from your mobile
  • Request a service from a Business & Service or the management
  • Participate/contribute to FAQs/Forums
  • Write reviews in “Businesses and Services”
  • Report an incident to the management
  • Get notified for parcels/packages received on your behalf
  • Notify specialized registered sales agents in your area when you have a unit available for rent or sale
  • Use AtMyCondo as a Manager/Tenant/Owner, even with multiple condos
  • As a potential renter look up your available desired properties
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